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Our history

Company History

Our company started its commercial activity in 1958 with its experience in cotton and carding and broke grounds with its founder Hasan Fehmi Bülbül, who is a young entrepreneur and an idealistic industrialist. After all these years since 1980, he established two different companies in the area of Yarn & Cotton and showed a very successful performance in the commercial life. With his experiences in Cotton Products, Textile Fibers and Yarn, he contributed to the enlargement and increase in the capacity of KAREN TEXTILE; while on the other hand, searching investment areas in other sectors as well. 

The company has continued its courageous investments and growth with the latest technology and past experiences, powerful equity capital, and specialist staff and sound and planned strategies under the leadership of Hasan Fehmi Bülbül since the day it was established; and today, it has a 30.000 m2 area, 20.000 m2 of which is covered, and processes 30.000 kg cotton daily in the area of Cotton and Yarn. We can manufacture any type of cotton and polyester yarn for every season with our modern machinery and experience dating back to 1980.